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Chelsea Kline & Christy Thiessen honed their creative palettes under different facets of americana; Chelsea in the sunny effortless cool of Southern California, Christy in the sweet southern romance of Georgia; but when their paths crossed at balmy summer BBQ they found their aesthetics in perfect harmony. Totally gorgeous but never stuffy. Fun & layered but always perfectly curated. Elegant, sparkly & finished but carefully handmade. Each armed with a bachelor of the arts, years of experience, and an in-house team of incredibly talented creative types, Hello Gem creates cheerily fabulous events with a truly personalized quality.

Together, Hello Gem's repertoire becomes a bit of a run-on sentence: event design, floral, paper goods (of allll sorts), handmade artwork, vintage and one of a kind sourcing, primo vendor picking, nearly everything one might need to pull off the perfect custom event.

Let's say Hello Gem is a rare and precious multi-faceted creative partnership.


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